Finally… we see a show!

Friday was a great day in several respects. The mirror we ordered was delivered and we picked it up from a local UPS Store. Fester immediately opened the package and determined it is the correct mirror. Yay! From the old mirror, Fester was able to salvage the upper/top mirror, which he previously purchased as an add-on to give him additional views of approaching vehicles. Once he gets the upper mirror seated securely, he will be ready to install our new mirror.

Another Friday highlight is that we attended the Sight & Sound Theatre’s “Jesus Live on Stage” performance. What an unforgettable experience! The theatre, opened in 2008, is the second of it’s kind and is itself impressive. The imaginative, realistic sets and scenery, sound effects, orchestra and performers take you on an amazing journey through the life of Jesus Christ. At times, the performance and vocals were mesmerizing – the fishing vessels and scenes on the “sea” were realistic and breathtaking. Definitely a show worth seeing

I’ve mentioned the campground has an abundance of dogs… here are just a few. It is difficult to snap a good photo when Sadie is pulling on the leash. We saw Cruz and Diego on Saturday morning as they were packing up to leave. I was able to let Cruz know that we have the new mirror (help ease his conscience at bit).

We toured the Titanic Museum on Saturday afternoon and found it very interesting and informative. It was a self-guided tour with phone-like handsets that allowed you to listen to recordings at various points of interest. Before you started the tour, you were given a Boarding Pass with a real passenger’s name and brief historical biography of that passenger.

The amount of research, detail and dedication that went into creating the museum is remarkable. In addition to an intricately detailed model of the Titanic, there were many, many photographs and more than 400 artifacts that told the story of the sinking Titanic and the people aboard, including crew, passengers and even the 10 dogs who accompanied their owners. Through factual re-creation we were able to experience what it was like to walk the hallways, parlors, cabins and Grand Staircase of the Titanic, and even stand on sloping decks. Guests could shovel coal into the boilers as a crew member, or experience a walk on the promenade deck and feel the same chill in the air that the passengers would have felt. You could test your fortitude by timing how many seconds you could leave your immersed hand in 28 degree water to give you and idea of what the folks felt while making their ways to the life boats. It was an enjoyable way to spend two hours. By the way, my passenger, Margaret Brown, survived the sinking Titanic and is posthumously known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” Molly Brown was an American human-rights activist, philanthropist and actress.

Today was another sunny, but chilly day, so we took a trip to Table Rock Lake State Park. We hiked and let Sadie play at the edge of the beautiful lake. We’ve lost a lot of leaves here, but there’s still quite a bit of color and it was a pleasant walk. After working up an appetite, we returned to Lilliehobbs’ Mercantile for a bite to eat. Of course we came home with leftovers and several decidedly decadent and and yummy desserts!

I’ve mentioned that there are several RVrs who bring their cat(s) camping with them. We met a couple today riding through the campground with their “fat” cat, Ollie, hitching a ride in the wagon (customized just for him).

We wrapped up the day at our campground’s Sunday ice cream social (I know, more sweets) and got to know Mike and Linda who are camp hosts here. By serving as camp hosts, they get to stay at the campground for free (utilities included) and work 20 hours a week between them for a small salary. They plan on being here thru January, then will head to Texas. They are full-time RVrs from Kansas City and supplement their expenses by “work-camping” whenever they can. Mike does light maintenance around the campground, and Linda helps in the office. Not a bad deal.

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