Last night in OKC

We had a lazy morning. Fester spent some time with our neighbor “nurses” (not what you’re thinking LOL!). They had just purchased a new travel trailer and were practicing setting it up and getting familiar with its operation. The young women are nurses who are becoming traveling (contractor) nurses. There first assignment is Lake Havasu, Arizona… talk about a small world. Fester gave them some tips about their air conditioner and refrigerator, as well as other ideas to help make their experience less stressful. After some encouragement and well wishes, they were on their way.

Late morning, we attended the First Americans Museum (FAM), a brand new museum which just opened it’s doors in September. The museum celebrates the First Americans’ shared American history through the collective stories of 39 Tribal Nations in Oklahoma today.

Until arriving in Oklahoma, we weren’t aware of the number of First Americans (American Indians) who populated Oklahoma and it’s role in the Trail of Tears. The FAM uses symbolism and storytelling throughout the site, the architecture, and the exhibits. A self-guided tour of the museum’s two galleries tells stories in written and spoken words about the origin beliefs of the individual tribes, the history of the tribes, as well as the many hardships and injustices placed upon these people by those who drove them off their land, almost to extinction. We learned of their culture through language, arts, music and dance through exhibits and videos.

The museum also featured many artifacts on loan from the Smithsonian collection. We spent about two hours at the museum and came away with a new understanding and appreciation of how far the First Americans have come in reclaiming their heritage.

The above photo shows Fester at the entrance of the First Americans Museum, standing under the artwork “Touch to Above” which is an open hand, a symbol of friendship.

We enjoyed our time in OKC, but tomorrow we pack up and head towards Dallas, and hopefully, warmer weather! BTW, we’ve made plans to be in Tucson, Arizona, by December 27, in time for New Years.