Let the adventures begin …

Greetings and welcome to “Skunky and Fester – The Next Chapter” our RV Adventure blog. For those who did not know us at the time, Skunky (Sue) and Fester (Mark) are “trail names” used when we backpacked the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 2001. We became known by family and friends as Skunky and Fester and those names have followed us through many adventures. The Next Chapter refers to our entering a new stage in our lives (snowbirds) where our adventures may be a bit tamer, but we hope just as entertaining. 

Please check out About Us to learn more of our story and how we got here. But to catch you up quickly, we started our adventure on October 28 (2 days ahead of schedule)! We left our home in Ohio and plan to take our time traveling to Lake Havasu City in Arizona for our first Xscapers Annual Bash that runs January 8 – 16. While there, we’ll spend time with our niece, Savannah, and her mom, Elaine, and revisit a favorite icecream/cupcake shop. After the “bash” it’s anyone’s guess where we’ll spend the rest of the winter.

I’m learning how to set up a blog site as we go, so please bear with me. I’m already way behind on our blog, considering we’ve been on the road for 10 days, have logged in our first 500 miles, crossed one time zone, and are now headed toward Branson, Missouri, this morning (Saturday, November 6). I appreciate your patience and understanding and certainly welcome any and all suggestions. Because this blog will serve as a travelog, I will create a “catch-up” page to capture the last 10 days. Hopefully, this blog will evolve into something special.

The above picture “this is how we roll” is a welcome mat given to us by dear and longtime friends, Louise & Ken S. as a parting gift – what a wonderful send off! The below photos capture a few highlights in preparation for the trip. Clockwise: Fester installing solar panels on top of the RV; installed solar panels on roof top; Fester working on water pump; did I mention… he was doing the repairs on the street in front of our house; Sadie get’s a trip clip; and finally, we’re ready to hit the road!

Move in explosion! Time for Skunky to stash everything before we get to the campground

Above photo taken at departure time. Embarrassing as it is, we had been adding stuff to the RV for the last few weeks, but didn’t get around to putting it away because we were focused on getting our other “stationary” home secured and ready for our departure. Thankfully, I was able to tackle most of this chore while Fester was driving us to our first destination near Columbus, Ohio.