Before leaving Livingston, Fester installed a new back-up camera on the back of the RV, which will come in handy when he has to back into a site. It’s also useful to keep an eye on the Jeep and bikes when we’re on the road. We left Livingston around 10 this morning, after we had Zephyr weighed at the campground’s official weigh station. Fester had to prepare documentation about our coach, tires, etc., and watch a few videos on the process and how important it is to know the proper weight of the RV. According to the requirements, we had to make sure our fuel and fresh-water tanks were both full for the weigh in. Knowing our coach’s true weight will provide us with useful information, especially around safe tire inflation and what loads are on each axel, so we can make adjustments if necessary. For example, we learned our rear axels are carrying a bit too much weight, so we need to address this in the near future.

We arrived in Austin after an approximate 4-hour uneventful drive (the best kind). Location, location, location…. We found it at the Pecan Grove RV Park, one of the few remaining urban campgrounds in the country. This funky, little tree-lined RV community is located in a very walkable area in South Austin, a block from the river and two blocks from Barton Springs. About 10 years ago we visited my brother Scott and his wife, Lisa, when they lived in Austin. We really enjoyed the city and green spaces, and we were excited that we were able to reserve five nights at Pecan Grove. For anyone familiar with Austin, we’re about 1.5 miles from the Capital Building and we can walk downtown and to South Congress Street in 1o minutes, Cool!

We were forewarned that Pecan Grove is almost next door to Juliet’s Italian Kitchen. As we were setting up camp, we could smell garlic and decided that would be our first destination. So, without further ado, we took Sadie with us and walked to Juliet’s where we had a memorable Italian meal on Juliet’s patio. After feasting, we walked down Barton Spring Road and found several other restaurants and bars nearby. We found a really great park that runs along the river/spring. I’ll look up the name tomorrow. I should mention it was 79 degrees and sunny when we sat down to eat – Now this is why we’re glad to be snowbirds!

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One thought on “Austin!”

  1. Happy Snowbirding! Rainy, dark and cold here. Check out Rainy street. I also saw a feature on the today show about Christmas in Wimberly. We stayed there and it’s a great little town with springs and a cool park along the river. Nice bars too.


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