Pacific breeze

Sunday, February 6:  Since we’ve visited San Diego and Los Angeles years ago, we set out for a day trip to Oceanside City. We did the touristy thing and made sure to visit the historic wooden pier (although we didn’t actually walk the pier because dogs are not allowed).  We watched surfers trying to catch the waves, which weren’t cooperating (and neither was my camera).  We joined many others who were walking the sidewalk that runs along the beach and sat for a spell, watching the world go by as we soaked up the sun and ocean breeze. We explored the neighborhoods, filled with charming bungalow homes (that probably cost a fortune). There’s an abundance of coffee shops, restaurants and outside patios lining the streets and it would be a neat place to spend a few days if we were so inclined.  We drove over to the New England-style harbor and enjoyed looking at all the boats filling the docks, while reminiscing about our first Zephyr (sailboat).

From Oceanside, we headed to San Clemente to check out the state park to see if we wanted to move there when our time’s up at Jojoba Hills on Tuesday morning.  On our way to/from San Clemente, we passed the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS). Fester said the plant was permanently closed by the NRC back in 2013 and is in the process of being decommissioned. We also drove past the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. What a pretty place for a military base. San Clemente, with its Spanish colonial-style architecture seems to have it all – the ocean, the mountains and the very nice weather.  We did find a state park that would accommodate Zephyr; however, when we saw the posting that dogs aren’t  allowed on the beach or trails, we nixed that idea.

Before we left Yuma, we filled up the propane tank and stopped for diesel fuel for Zephyr and gas for the Jeep to avoid California fuel/taxes. We had to fill up the Jeep today, and couldn’t believe the prices – $4.95 for regular and $5.09 for diesel. Crazy!

Soaking in the sun

Saturday, February 5:  This morning, we headed south, toward Temecula.  Imagine our surprise when we saw more metals sculptures line the road, just a short distance from our park. Unbeknownst to us, metal artist Ricardo Breceda has a multi-acre Gallery and Sculpture Garden just down the road from us. Although we saw plenty of Breceda’s work at Borrego Springs, we may stop by an tour his out-door gallery if we have time later.  After dinner, we enjoyed soaking in the hot tub after floating around in the pool.  Set among the mountains, Jojoba Hills has created a resort-like atmosphere with its pool and patio. Truly a relaxing experience – until you get out of the water.  Even at 75 degrees, the breeze coming off the mountains can be chilling.  That, however, didn’t stop us from buying a few Klondike ice cream bars for later.  Because it was still so pleasant out, we took Sadie for a walk at the nature conservation and enjoyed climbing the hills, looking out for wildlife.  

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