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Hocking Hills RV Trip – September 2021

Some background… During our 35 years together, we’ve shared a variety of outdoor adventures including sailing, hiking, camping, backpacking, bicycling, motorcycling, and most recently, ziplining.

Like many others, COVID-19 brought about a lot of introspection, reflection and a new way of looking at life. We had become dormant (i.e., lazy and boring) over the years and decided we need to get back out there and embrace life while we can.

While we wanted to get back to outdoor adventure, we wanted to do so in relative comfort. So, last spring we seriously started looking for an RV that we would use for long weekends and week-long getaways while we “practiced” for eventual retirement.

We’ve attended many RV shows over the years and looked at many models. We rented a 30-foot Class C motorcoach a few summers back, so we had an idea of what we wanted – sort of. Long story short, after a lot of research, we purchased Zephyr II last July… and so the story began.

By the way, Zephyr II is a 2001 Country Coach Intrigue, Class A motorcoach (40-foot diesel pusher). We chose the name to honor our previous Zephyr which was a 1973 Pan Oceanic Pilothouse Cutter sailboat (43-foot modified full keel, Ted Brewer design) that we lived aboard on and off for seven years way back when.

We really enjoyed traveling in Zephyr II last year and knew we made the right choice. Lessons from our backpacking trips came back to us… like simple things make us happy and we really don’t need much more than each other (and a roof over our heads), and of course our dog, Sadie. We’re towing our Jeep, so we’re about 58-feet of vehicle heading down the highway.

After much discussion and debate, we decided to become snowbirds this winter. Once I quit my job, it was a done deal!

During our backpacking trips, I always journaled (in a notebook) each night as a way to capture our memories and share them with family and friends. My journal entries were sent home, transcribed to Word, and eventually posted on our website. Folks back home had to wait a few weeks to see what was happening. Technology now allows us to share our trip in “real time” thanks to the internet.

Our blog is basically a travelog and a lot of details (miles covered, campground names, etc.) will be boring so you’re invited to skip that stuff. We’ll include some stories about the places we visit and the people we meet along the way. Photos and videos (did I mention Fester has a drone?) will help keep things interesting. And, of course pictures of Sadie will make you smile.